Bangkok Lottery: Today could be YOUR lucky day!!!

Bangkok Lottery: Today could be YOUR lucky day!!!Thailand Lottery is one of methods people use to fulfil this quick money dream. Thai Lotto is one of the easiest gamble game, with the baseline concept of double or none. It is the only kind of gambling permitted in Bangkok where it is followed very seriously by one and all.

It’s not just a game played by few people. In Bangkok it is a sensation. Everyone ranging from a flower shop keeper to the Prime minister will be having their own Thai lottery ticket and praying to the almighty that today be their lucky day. The lottery is so famous that Governor blaming the Prime minister for fixing the winning lottery numbers was front page news in Bangkok.

The concept is pretty simple. Thailand Lottery in Bangkok is still paper based. Tickets are bought via agents. Each ticket contains 6 numbers which the buyer can choose while buying the ticket. Each ticket costs 80 Baht. The numbers are drawn Live on Television on first and sixteenth of every month with the first prize as 2,000,000 Baht. Profits are huge with total money going as high as 24,000,000 Baht.

When People in Bangkok pick their Thai lottery numbers, it is with lot of thinking and analyzing. Even thought which 6 digits show up on the D day cannot be said with surety but people believe that there are ways and signs by which they can know the lucky numbers. Parrots tell fortunes in India, Monks tell Thailand lottery numbers in Bangkok. In Bangkok it is believed that few monks with their magic powers can determine the winning lottery digits. People visit temples and crowd around the monks to get even one subtle hint at the winning Thai lottery number.

People grab every possible thing they can consider as a hint towards the winning Bangkok lottery number and then choose their ticket. For example Small things like Monk coughing thrice can be considered as a hint that one digit must be 3.People even try and learn tricks online to select the combinations which can get them near to the jackpot.

But it is very easy to get tricked into buying a fake lottery. If you are new to this then there are changes that you will end up with a fake lottery issued by a fake agent. Fake lottery is checked by quality and colour of the lottery paper. But it is always recommended that people who are new to gambling in Bangkok should always go to established agents.

So if you are in Bangkok and want to get the feel of the city, the best way is to go and get a Thai lotto ticket and sit with the locals when the results are being declared on the television. The tension, the nervous excitement, the anxiety, the sweet feel of winning and the disappointment of a loss, you will feel it all just by playing this one small Gamble.